CSP offers packaging services and supplies to your commercial or government specifications.   The following list are specifications and supplies we commonly deal with  (request information on items not listed-  we can help).

Don't want to hassle with packaging your contracts?   Let us package the contract for you!  We package and provide government source inspection at our facility (if required).    


MIL-STD-2073  (General Packaging Specification)
MIL-B-117 / MIL-DTL-117  (Bags)
MIL-B-121 / MIL-DTL-121  (Wraps)
ASTM D5118 / PP-B-636 (Boxes)

Weather (WR) Boxes
Foam & Cushioning Materials
Desiccants & VCI (rust proof) Papers
Corrosion Films & Oils
MIL-STD-130 markings 
MIL-STD-129 markings & barcodes
3D Shipping Tags & labels
Military & Commercial crates
Commercial & Heat Treated Pallets


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